Learn and Master 6 Best Practices to Win at Video Poker Games.


Video poker has the lowest house edge among all games you can play at Casinor.com. This does not mean you will have any less daunting a challenge in your hands if you wish to win some serious cash. Video poker games are extremely popular and hence there are many variants. This makes it impossible to have a standard approach or a generic strategy that will suit every type of video poker. There are some best practices that you should know about. You should adhere to these best practices to limit your losses and enhance your chances of winning.


  • The first best practice is to understand all the rules of a particular game you are playing. You are perhaps aware of some video poker games, such as jacks or better, deuces wild, tens or better and joker’s wild among others. You may also play bonus poker. Each of these variants has its own rules. There are similarities of course but the differences are what matter if you have to increase your chances of winning. Many players, especially beginners or amateurs, do not understand all the rules. Some players do not even read all the rules. This can lead to constant losses.


  • Always consider playing maximum coin bets. This helps players to bag the full value in case they hit royal flush. No matter which variant of video poker you play, the royal flush will always have the highest payout. Every player dreams of hitting the jackpot, whether it is progressive or not, but you cannot maximize the returns if you are not betting maximum coins.


  • Always be familiar with the pay structures. Have it handy if you cannot remember it entirely. As a player, you will vie for the royal flush but you should prepare yourself for any eventuality. Royal flush or full house or even a straight is rare. You will have to made do with high cards and pairs more often than you may want. Hence, you must know the entire pay structure and keep it in mind all the time.


  • The best practice for video poker games is practice. Nothing prepares you better than playing a game numerous times. You can play video poker games for free. It is not pragmatic to stake real money to just hone your understanding and skills. Months of practice will help you master a particular video poker game. Those who excel in traditional poker have years of experience and only then can they truly call the shots.


  • Always use your bankroll wisely. It does not matter how much money you have. What matters is how much you are willing to bet knowing that you may lose it all. Do not get carried away with a few wins or losses. Neither the wins nor the losses are going to be a constant as you keep playing.


  • You should consider being a part of a club. There are dedicated slot clubs and associations of players. These are helpful, especially for beginners who are slowly learning the tips and tricks of playing video poker.