See our guide to make live casino poker in the internet your new job occupation. Find out the best tips on becoming a professional poker player online.

Have you ever dreamed about leaving your desk office and never come back to work? Well, if you are good in poker and you have a reliable device at home to connect to a trustworthy internet live casino platform you might be quite possible to make you dream come true.

But wait a second…Things don’t happen that fast with dreams, you know. You should do some proper work in advance. They call it doing your homework. We might have the right guides for you to make your first steps into completing your goal to make online live casino poker for living. Here there are…

  1. Find out what salary you expect for a monthly basis. Although you don’t need to pass the interview test in a casino website if you are going to make a career you need some goals to set. Without knowing how much money is enough for you to make up your budget you remain at the hobby level rather than on the professional one.
  2. Establish the right routine. It is very rare when your boss tells you can go to work whenever you want. You have working time. You should have one for your poker career, too. If you are going to spend most of the day in bed and participate in poker tournaments for 2 hours per day, this is not a career, but a hobby routine once again. By the way, we don’t want you to play for 8 hours per day – the duration of the classical working day at this office. Instead, we want you to have a routine to follow and to include in it time for progressing, leaning and advancing.
  3. Improve your skills over and over again. At work no one gets a promotion – aka no one becomes better and more highly paid – without prequalification or at least without doing something useful to become more efficient in the office. This is what you have to stand for a nice poker career – never to remain at the same experience level. Test new things, read poker books and if you want to, follow the tips given by the biggest pros in the field of online poker games.
  4. Last but not least don’t forget to pick up your top specialization. The best professionals in a company are those that have selected the right positions according to their soft skills and talents. This is what you have to do with your poker career, too. Select the poker format that suits you at most and go for it!

Just don’t forget that in poker like in most remote jobs you are the boss and the worker. This means you will have to be disciplined and ambitious at the same time. And this is how the success will eventually start visiting you on a regular basis.