Always go for licensed casinos as the chances of rigging is nil. Moreover, you should also check the RNG and RTP factors of the casino.

Upon losing a lump sum amount in an online casino makes you think that the casino may be rigged. However, it is not always the scenario. Online casinos are designed to get more money than giving to gamblers. The house always gets some benefit. However, this policy won’t be termed as rigging and won’t affect your winning or chances of winning. Due to this misconception, many popular and licensed casinos are facing backlash. This article assesses whether the casinos are rigged and how to ensure safe gambling.

How to Identify a Legit Casino

The key factor in evaluating an online casino’s validity is if it has a license to operate in a certain market. To get a license, the casinos must abide by certain regulations laid down by regulatory bodies of a specific market. It indicates that the platform has undergone some auditing to guarantee fair play, comply with key security and transparency requirements, and respect local gaming regulations.

A licensed casino also indicates that it is safe to play and that all your money will be safe and secured. Moreover, a reputable online casino wouldn’t want to endanger its long-term image by fixing its games, from a marketing perspective. Soon, bad reviews will start popping up and gamblers would not feel safe investing their money and playing in that casino. The rigging of games is mainly done by casinos to get fast profits. However, these casinos do not stay in the limelight and soon vanish from the web when things go south.

How Casinos Prepare the Rigging Cocktail

Casinos aim at two specific aspects to rig the games: RNG (Random Number Generator) and RTP (Return To Player). RTP is a figure that represents the average payout % of the winnings depending on the player’s wagers. It can be easily understandable by an example.

Let’s say an online casino has 91% RTP on slot machines. This means approximately every player would get $91 back from every $100 staked. This calculation may vary depending on the player’s luck. The RTP code may be interfered with by a rigged casino, causing it to be reduced and eventually distorting the player’s chances of winning.

On the other hand, RNG determines that every outcome will be random so that every player gets an equal opportunity to win. A legit casino is bound to use RNG, showcase all its characteristics, and abide by the regulations of its licensing organization. On the contrary, this trait is messed up by rigged casinos. Players are therefore denied a fair chance to generate respectable profits over extended periods.

By manipulating these two aspects, online casinos prepare a perfect rigged cocktail. Every gambler must check for the authenticity of online casinos before they start wagering.

Ways to Ensure a Genuine Casino

The first and foremost thing that every punter must ensure is the licensing of the casino. Generally, casinos display their license at the bottom of their official site. It guarantees the safety of the casino and compliance with all laws and regulations.

Secondly, you should check for data security. Legit casinos are all SSL encrypted. This guarantees that your data and transaction information are protected and safe.

Lastly, you should gather information about the casino’s RNG and RTP. Usually, a legit casino like 168vip showcases this crucial information on their site. Moreover, it would be better if a casino were transparent with its bonus policies and other wagering terms and conditions.

Wrapping Up

Briefly, the system always favors the house. They are designed to spend less and get more. This policy may term the casino as rigged. However, that’s not the case. These factors won’t affect winning and chances of winning. To gamble safely, you should always go for renowned and licensed casinos that use fair play policies.