See why it might be better to play casino online poker rather than Blackjack in the internet. Find out why so many people believe that poker is the more beneficial game among them.

The Hollywood movies, the most popular Casino Online platforms and the biggest gurus in gambling claim that the two most legendary games of all times are poker and Blackjack. We might agree with that, but the focus in our today’s discussion is the comparison between them both. If they are indeed the most high-quality, intriguing and complicated casino games of all time, what should be our move when selecting one of them? Is there any domination between them?

We believe, yes, there is. Below, we would like to show you why poker is better than Blackjack. The following reasons will give you the right direction, aka to choose poker rather than Blackjack:

  1. It’s easier to be a long-term poker winner rather than a Blackjack successful player. Mostly, it’s due to the fact that poker allows flexibility in the house edge strategies. In Blackjack you have such, too, but you are limited in standard tactics all players apply.
  2. Speaking of the players, in poker you usually have fewer opponents rather than in Blackjack. It’s due to the fact that poker is twice harder to be learnt, understood, played and mastered. Of course, all of these do not mean Blackjack players are stupid. On the contrary, they play Blackjack, because the game is easier.
  3. And moreover, in poker you are eligible to select the concrete opponents to have. On the contrary, Blackjack Casino Online rooms will set you at a table and that’s all. Although not all of the websites have plenty of poker rooms to choose from, you are still not limited by a default choice.
  4. Counting cards isn’t a strategy that will bother you. A lot of Blackjack players are pressed by the idea to be hated or even eliminated when using this tactic. It’s true that some casinos will not allow you to do. And in the casinos you can count the cards you are just going to be put on the underdog seat by your opponents. In poker, at one hand, you don’t need the strategy to win, and at the other hand, you are not banned to do so.
  5. Poker offers more versions. In fact, you might see more Blackjack alternatives in the web, but they distinguish only with designs and chips. Poker industry knows a lot of amazing and completely different formats to try and see where you are the best – Omaha, video poker, Texas Hold Em and etc.

So, do you still think that Blackjack is better than poker? If yes, we are not going to blame you, but will tell you that you are a real Blackjack pro or lover!