Find out the eight most important features a good cahayapoker player must have. See what a poker lover should possess in his personality to make amazing results at a poker table.

If you want to be a good poker player, you cannot count only on complete strategies downloaded from the web. You cannot count only on great poker rooms like cahayapoker. You cannot hope for the luck to be always on your side. All of these are, as a matter of fact, important. However, it turned out that a really great poker player should also possess the following eight personality’s features:

  1. Be passionate. Don’t mistake it with being too emotional and show these emotions easily. Passion means something completely different. It’s the skill to be able to devote to something. The more devoted you are to poker, the better for your advance in future.
  2. Knowing how to take control over your life means you can take the control of your poker game. No, we don’t claim that a poker game matters as much as your life matters. We meant that self-control in general helps you establish really solid principles to follow in the casino.
  3. Being able to make savings and to manage your personal finances on your own – yes, without the assistance of your accountant – is welcomed to any poker lover’s profile. It helps you manage your poker bankroll. And trust us, those, who cannot deal with the limits, are those who usually lose more than the amount they win.
  4. Never stop analyzing yourself. We don’t mean criticizing only. We mean being able to see your good and bad qualities, including poker skills.
  5. Know how to deal with the loss. In life, it’s a very hard thing to do, isn’t it? In poker it’s not very easy, either. Losses should be finally accepted as parts of our lives, and poker game, we cannot skip and pass by. They are as regular as the wins and joy are.
  6. Being honest. We mean being honest with yourself. If you cannot tell you are not making any progress in a single poker session – and eventually to quit – the lie is going to get you to the bankruptcy. If you cannot tell you are actually not prepared for a real tournament, you are going to enter in one and lose all of your money.
  7. Be attentive to the details. Actually, it’s a key feature for a really successful poker player. Sometimes, the smallest detail in the game or the in opponent’s behavior is the shortest and the most secured path to a significant winning you can achieve.
  8. Have amazing memory. If you brain works fast and you are quite good in remembering facts (especially dates, like being a sausage head in the history class) expect to be a really good poker player, too.

Do you have these skills and features? If you have most of them, congrats! You are kind of a potential poker winner.