Players that enjoy specialty games can choose from a wide selection, including scratch cards, virtual sports, and games of skill

In addition to classic types such as video poker, table games, and slots, there are specialty games that come with unique features to keep players entertained. This category includes parlor and skill games, virtual sports, keno, and scratch cards, among others. As they don’t fall neatly in any category, they are lumped together in a larger category as specialty games. While there are players who only stick to common types such as roulette and blackjack, others find this category appealing. Here are some of the most common specialty games to learn more about.


You will find a large selection of casual games in this category, which are also ideal for players with little experience. They usually feature fixed odds, and you don’t need to come up with a strategy to win. Some games are quite complex while others are easy to play, one example being Head or Tails by Playtech. Basically, players have to guess the side on which one or more coins are landing. Other parlor games to check are Penalty Shot, Jackpot Darts, Rock Paper Scissors, and Reel Deal. You will also find some more complex varieties such as stimulated games where you can see the odds and wager.


If you have never heard of keno, this is much like your national or local lottery. You simply choose numbers and if they appear in the next drawing, then you win. Similar to game slot, table, and poker varieties that casinos offer, when looking at different platforms it is important to consider details such as the banking options available, security measures, optimization for tablet and mobile devices, bonuses and incentives and, of course, game selection.

Virtual Sports

Another variety that is offered in online casinos, this category includes virtual American football and rugby, football, horse racing, and other simulated sports events. Here gamblers wager on different outcomes much like how sportsbooks work. If you choose to bet on American football or rugby, these are virtual sports games that are based on the National Football League and English rugby tournaments. Simulated football includes the Virtual World Cup, Virtual African Cup, and Virtual Euros, all being based on popular championships. Then you also have simulated horse racing such as Virtual Racebook 3D and Premier Racing which offer the option to check previous stats. Then you bet and watch races.

Other varieties in the specialty category that you can check are Sic Bo, Sudoku, and scratch cards. Many of them feature random number generators which makes them games of fate and luck. The first game to feature a random number generator was released back in 1961 and was a type of a fantasy baseball game. One of the oldest types to try is keno, which originated in China and its origins can be traced to nearly a millennium ago.