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As betting has become more and more prominent throughout the world, it is no surprise that there is always new and interesting arising about this interesting hobby. Whether you are in Australia, the UK, the USA or anywhere else, betting is likely available in some way. If you wish to learn more about not only betting stories, but about everything to do with betting in general, then be sure to visit


News in the UK

Labour announced their call for new betting regulations. The regulations revolve around how dangerous the addiction of betting has become, as the party believes it to be a growing problem in the UK as more and more people become addicted. The party believes that there should be a more services devoted to betting addicts that are having trouble kicking the habit. Perhaps what would take the biggest blow from this change is the ads that are played before, after and during a sports fixture, as these ads seem to be overwhelming successful in making people bet more. This is one of the issues Labour say they will tackle if they are able to get into parliament in the future.


Paddy Power Fined 2.2 Million for Use of Stolen Money

Paddy Power Betfair were fined 2.2 million pounds within the last week, as a customer was able to use stolen money and put it into the website. This is extremely bad for the company, as it shows that their procedures need to be strengthen immensely so that nothing like this happens to the company again. It was said that one man stole money from his company, Birmingham Dogs Home.

This news comes as a reminder to betting companies to make sure their procedures are strong and to encourage people not to be gambling irresponsibly. As gambling develops more, hopefully the safety precautions companies have also develop.


News in the USA

On the 22nd October 2018, New Mexico accepted its first ever sports wager, which is quite meaningful as New Mexico is a place that hasn’t legalized regulated sports betting. Santa Ana Star Casino was the place to open the first ever sportsbook. This is good news for the state as it may mean that a development to legalise sports wagers may be on the cards, as it was rumoured that the Inn of the Mountain Gods is another casino in New Mexico that were planning on also opening their first sportsbook in the state.

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