Online baccarat is a digital version of one of the oldest games in gambling. Learn how to play online baccarat with real money.

There are multiple versions of online baccarat. As you explore online baccarat links and learn about the distinct rules, the differences shall become lucid and you will be able to figure out the most suitable game for your skills. Online baccarat is based on the traditional games so many rules remain unchanged. Slight changes are applicable and these are clearly stated by the operators. You must check out relevant casino online links before you bet real money.


Variants of Online Baccarat


Online baccarat has three popular variants. More are available but they are not played as widely. Punto banco is North American baccarat. Online punto banco is arguably the most popular version, followed by chemin de fer. A duex tableaux or banque is the third version.


How to Play Online Baccarat


This guide is specifically about punto banco, the classic version of online baccarat. All online baccarat links that say punto banco must have the same rules. There are two hands in any game of this version. The player gets a hand. The banker or dealer gets a hand. The player has to choose a possible result. One may choose their hand to be more valuable, the hand of the banker or dealer to be more valuable, or that there will be a tie.


The value of a hand is determined by choosing the rightmost number or unit of the sum of the cards. If the sum of the value of individual cards is eighteen, then the hand is an eight. If the sum is twenty one, then the value is one. All cards have their namesake value with the exception of the three highest face cards. Ace has a value of one, five has a value of five and ten has a value of ten. But the king, queen and jack have a value of ten each. In other words, these three cards are worth just as much as tens. There is no joker in punto banco. The most valuable hand is worth nine. The least is one.


How to Win in Online Baccarat


The first round starts with the system dealing two cards. One card is for the player and the other for the dealer or banker. The player has to choose. The choice is player’s hand, banker’s hand or a tie. The player wins if the prediction turns out to be true and loses otherwise. The game is over if the value of either or both the hands are nine or eight. The reward varies.