How to know if you’re dealing with a rogue casino.

Online gambling has never been more popular, but unfortunately the industry is also a bit of a regulatory mess. There are casinos set up in countries all over the world with various levels of oversight. This means that there are casinos out there that do not practice ethical gaming. Don’t fall victim to one of these sites. Here’s how you can recognize if you’re dealing with a rogue casino so you can stay away and stick to reputable ones like 2bcasino.


Check for Complaints Online

There are several sites online where you can check to see if a casino has complaints against them. Because there are so many people who play casino games, there are probably complaints for every site. However, if a site seems to have more than others, then there may be a problem. Some sites also provide casinos with awards for trusted play and getting compliments from players.


You May Notice Stolen Content

Does a site that you’re thinking of playing on look familiar, even though you’re certain you’ve never visited it before? It may be that they’ve simply taken content from another site and claimed it as their own. While this doesn’t directly have anything to do with you and your playing experience, it does speak to the trustworthiness of the casino. If they are willing to steal content, how can you be sure that they will pay out if you win, or that their games are on the level in the first place?


Examine Their License

Certain countries and jurisdictions treat casino gaming differently. There are strong regulatory regimes in places like the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, and Alderney. Unscrupulous casinos will claim to have licenses from these places to seem trustworthy. Make sure that there is a link of the site to the page that shows the official certification. If there is no link, or if it goes to an unrelated page, then that online casino is not a trustworthy one.


Ask Customer Support

Before you start to play, ask the customer support service some questions. It can be anything, but make the questions simple. If they do not properly answer your questions, or you only get an automated bot that does not provide assistance, then it’s a good sign that it is a rogue site.


Don’t be a victim. Make sure that you are able to recognize when you are dealing with a roge casino.