There are players who lose, players who win, and players who win a lot. How much money have you made playing online poker?

Online poker is big business. Ever since the biggest stars have been featured on television, it has only gotten bigger. You could be playing poker online with people who have made millions at poker tournaments around the world. People who are regular players in their Thursday night game with friends can now match their skills against the best.


Is it easy to make money, though? Is there a legitimate chance that a regular person can go online and make a significant amount of dough over time? It absolutely is, but it depends on the person. They will need to be dedicated to the game and do their strategy and skills to be able to match up against the big money players. Professional poker players are just that: professionals. They practice and think about their craft all the time. Most amateurs have day jobs and other responsibilities. They can still make money, but not the big amounts that others can.


To make big money means constantly examining your game to find where you are the weakest. Do you wait too long to fold? Do you bluff too often? Do you do the proper math when figuring out odds? These are all things that you need to practice and examine as you play if you want to start getting the big victories. If you are not constantly re-examining and trying to improve, then you will not win big. You may be good enough to win some pots here and there, but your losses will bite into a lot of that.


All poker players lose money at some point. It’s the nature of gambling. It is impossible to win every game because there is a fair bit of luck involved. The best poker players take advantage when they have good luck, and back off when they can sense that the luck is bad. To chalk every loss up to luck and every victory up to skill is a mistake. You need to understand the odds and understand the situation you are in at all times.


Work at it, play with a purpose, and examine your game. These will all help you win more money at poker than you lose. There are different players. There are some who just want to play for fun and are happy to win the occasional pot and tournament. Then there are those who want the big money. How much money have you made from online poker?